Wednesday, April 19, 2006

samurai photographer, shooter of fish.

originally uploaded by samuraiphotog.
I spent some time at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden today. Since it is Passover, lots of Jewish families were out to enjoy the sunshine. It was pretty great to see all these different sects of Judaism represented (indentifiable by their attire) and I even ran into someone who had a Yashica camera similar to mine - who also happened to work at B&H.

In any case, one of the side benefits of all these families being there was that the swarms of little kids were all intent on feeding the koi, ducks, and turtles that populate the pond. Since it is Passover, they fed them matzoh. I didn't even think about that!

Luckily, a lovely little girl of about 4, with the reddest hair EVER was nice enough to give me some of her matzoh, so I could feed the koi myself. "After all," said her mother, "What else can you do with all that leftover matzoh?" to which I replied "If I liked matzoh brei it would be less of a problem."

She laughed and said "I don't like matzoh brei either!" I felt better, because I always feel like less of a Jew for disliking matzoh brei and gefilte fish.

I saw some cool koi fights over bits of food, and tried not to think about how gefilte fish is made primarily out of carp.