Saturday, July 16, 2005

samurai photographer says goodbye

Michael Dahlquist of Silkworm died yesterday.

That may not mean anything to any of you guys, but it means something to me.

I wasn't what you would call best buddies with him; I am better friends with another member of the band, but that doesn't make me any less hurt, shocked, and saddened.

The fact that his life was taken by someone who I perceive to be as a very selfish person indeed (Michael was killed in a car crash caused by a woman who apparently wanted to commit suicide - she is still in the hospital, alive) makes this even worse because it is just so random and senseless.

Michael was funny, smart, and probably the only drummer alive who played shirtless and made it work. Seriously.

Goodbye, Michael. I will miss reading about your adventures on tour, your tales of flirting with cute women, your musings during long drives across the US, and your accounts of cuisine from all corners of the world.

I will miss your music. I will miss your smile.