Wednesday, August 13, 2008

samurai photographer vs. a crimson grail pt. 2

I'm a little bummed about rehearsal last night because I did not get to plug in! The beautiful Park amp that DV lent me went unused, but that will change today.

As expected, there were plenty of people less proficient than I, including someone who strung the guitar incorrectly (the grommets were at the tuning pegs!) and someone who did not understand the concept of bar chords.

I learned a new technique from MM, the pinch harmonic. I need to practice.

I got to hear the Soprano section, amplified, up in the actual church. It sounded amazing, and made me wish that we would be playing the piece in there to begin with (if it rains on Friday, we will) because the shape of the sanctuary accentuates all the harmonics and overtones really well. Which is probably why Rhys refers to this as a piece of sacred music.


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